Term of service

These terms apply for the website www.socksrocket.com (”website”), the subscription services that is offered on the website ("subscriptions"), and the packages with socks that are delivered.

Carefully read trough these terms and policies. By using the website or applying for a subscription using the website you accept the terms and accept that you are bound to the terms.
If you do not accept the terms you can not apply for a subscription from the website.

1. Information about us
Company name: FUSH AB
Corporate Identity Number: SE556278429701
Address: SocksRocket Askims Utsiksväg 8b
436 42 Askim
Email: info@socksrocket.com

2. Application and commitment
2.1 You must be 18 years old to apply for a subscription
2.2 When you have applied for a subscription on the website, we confirm that we have received the application by sending you an email to the email-address you have supplied us with. The contract between you and SocksRocket is official when we send you an email confirming that a package will be sent to you, this email will come in the form of a receipt.
2.3 The contract about the subscription implies that ones every calendar month or every other calendar month you will receive a package to the address you have supplied to us. The package will include 3 pairs of socks. If you chose to include the “Starter Pack” option, a package will include more socks.
2.4 Vi preserve ourselves the right to refrain from reaching the agreement with you without any reason.

3. Prices
3.1 With the exception of obvious misprints the prices and shipping costs on the website are applies. Prices are including taxes.
3.2 The price for the subscription is a reoccurring periodic fee (a monthly fee). The price that applies for the subscription is given in combination with your application.
3.3 Prices and shipping costs can be changed from a time to another. With the exception that is given in 6.3, you are bound by the price that applies at the time you apply for a subscription. As long as we do not inform you about a price change and you do not oppose this price change within 60 days of the notification(subscription will end at once if you do oppose).

4. Payment
4.1 By applying for a subscription you commit to pay the periodic fee until the subscription ends.
4.2 The periodic fee will start when you apply for a subscription and after that around one of two calendar months after that. If your subscription is not accepted (see point 2.4) no fee will ever be payed. Regarding a subscription for a set number of month (3, 6, 12 months), the fee will be paid at once when you apply for the subscription. If the subscription is not canceled during its duration, the subscription will be prolonged with another month.
4.3 Payment is done with a credit or debit card. You accept that we will charge you a periodic fee on your card without further confirmation until you update your payment method, cancel your subscription on the website or email ut at info@socksrocket.com. (with the addition of time that we can reasonably need to cancel the subscription.)

5. Delivery times
5.1 After a subscription is started there will be a delivery once every calendar month or every other calendar month. Depending on when you application was made, the delivery could happen during, at the time, the current month or the next coming one.
5.2 If we run out of stock, we reserve ourselves the right to not send out a package the current month. No fee will be applied that month.

6. Cancellation and automatik extension
6.1 Both you and SocksRocket can, without a reason cancel a 1, 2, 3, 6, 12 month subscription before the applicable duration runs out. If a subscription is not canceled in time, the subscription will be prolonged automatically for another month, if the subscription is a set number of month it will become a running one.
6.2 You can cancel your subscription on the website or you can email us at info@socksrocket.com. It must be done a minimum of 5 days before the next charge to leave reasonable time for cancellation
6.3 If you do not cancel the subscription according to 6.1, it will be prolonged at the current subscription price.

7. Returns
7.1 You have the right to change your mind and return the package for 14 days after delivery.
7.2 You may use this right only of the product is in the unchanged condition it arrived in, to be described as “new”. This does not apply if the product was damaged and you had to open the goods to examine the quality. This must be caused by something outside of your control.
7.3 If you wish to use your right to return the goods, you have to pay return shipping. To return a package, make sure you email us within the 14 days and tell us that you are returning a package. To do this, email us at info@socksrocket.com. Packages are sent to Address: SocksRocket Askims Utsiksväg 8b
436 42 Askim
If you products are not in the condition you received them, a price deduction will be made.
7.4 If you choose to use your right to return, we will pay you back according to our Refund Policy, see point 9.

8. Complaint
If something in the package is wrong or not as you expected, be sure to notify us within reasonable time and we will give you all the information you need to return the goods to receive replacement goods. Email us at info@socksrocket.com. Refunds because of faulty goods will be done accordingly to our Refund Policy, see point 9.

9. Refund Policy
9.1 If you return goods to us, we will issue a refund to your card (or used payment method) within 14 days from the day we receive the goods. We will then refund you for the goods with the exception of price deductions made because cahnged or damaged goods. You will have to pay the return shipping cost yourself.
9.2 If you return goods for other reasons, for example, damaged goods, we will examine the goods when we receive them and notify you with an email within reasonable time on how to proceed. Potential refunds will be paid out within 30 days after we have received the goods.

10. Responsibility
If you are a consumer, our responsibility is regulated by the Swedish “Konsumentköplagen (1990:932)”. Apart from that we are only responsible for violations of these laws and only to a total amount of a yearly subscription. As long as no case of gross negligence would happen. Limitations does not apply to intrusions on your rights under mandatory constitution.

11. Force majeure/ Grounds for exemption
If we can not fullfill our obligations under contract to you because of reasons we could not control, delays from our suppliers, fire, terrorist attack, lightning strike among others, we reserve the right to move the fee and shipment of goods further into the future. This is not to limit your right given to you by law.

12. Messages
Messages to us should be sent to info@socksrocket.com. Messages to you will be sent to the email you supplied to us.

13. Immaterial rights
13.1 We own all immaterial rights to the website and all material on the website, it is protected by copyright and all rights are preserved.
13.2 You are, for personal use, allowed to print a copy of the webpage or download extractions from the webpage. You are not allowed to use the anything in a copyrighted environment without first receiving a licence from us.
13.3 By subscribing you give us the right to quote from given comments about us about products and subscriptions, left on the website, blogs, social media among others.

14. Additions and changes
Additions to and changes of this policy can be published on our website and will, when we find the time suitable, be sent to you in an email. As long as we do not inform you about a change and you do not oppose this change within 60 days of the notification(subscription will end at once if you do oppose).

15. Transfer of rights and obligations.
You may not transfer right or obligations given by a subscription without our writte concent. We are alowed to transfer obligations and rights given by the subscriptions at any time during the subscription period.

16. Applicable law
These terms and subscription should be interpreted in accordance with Swedish law. Disputes will solved according to these laws in a Swedish general court.